About Us


     Having been engaged in business over the 40 years Hüseyin Mirioğlu and his brothers are at the aim of being the best in their sector for 2 generations.

      Beginning to trading life as a worker in 1970s in Amik Savanna Hüseyin Mirioğlu, maintained his business by doing transporting in 1980s and has been trading pulp and wheat since 1990s.
   In 2007 considering the needs of  the sector, they set up our current company which presents hygienic, high quality products to consumers.
   Our company has a technology which make flour in hygienic environment and in case of any mulfunction our department of telemechanics sets in to work out any problem we come across.
    Our board president and company promoter Hüseyin Mirioğlu’s aim is to make his business placed in world market and to be known nationwide. And on that way he made first exporting on a small scale in 2009, and  to end of 2014s he started to do exporting at worth millions level.
   When Economy develops, income level rises up and people become more conscious about consuming healthy products, then  business enlargment is going to rise up in marginal rate.
   As a company, our aim is to rise up producing high quality products by considering improvements about business and be a brand in that sector.
   Contrary to competitive environment in our sector, we are trying to be the best brand in that business.
    Our first aim is to make production in healty and hygienic environment, become a brand named as “healthy and high quality”  by consumers and gain their confidence.